Many of our guests ask about renting a car in Samoa and if it is necessary. We cannot stress enough how essential it is!  It will make your vacation an easier, more magical experience of adventure and discovery and you will get to see the most amazing places Samoa has to offer.  You may spot things along your journey  - a local village playing volleyball or cricket, people attending church or a roadside stall selling cold niu.  Having a rental gives you the freedom to see the real Samoa.

The road to our resort is about 6km and is mainly a beach track with humps and bumps.  It takes about 20 minutes.  A 4 wheel drive manages the road very easily and makes coming and going a much more pleasant experience!  The only other way to get to the resort from the airport is by taxi - this costs $100 WST each way for up to 4 people.

There are also lots of other places in Upolu and Savai'i that require a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Waterfalls, volcano hikes and some of the hidden beaches to name a few where a bigger more robust car comes in handy and provides more comfort. 


Roads are quiet in Samoa but they can take longer to navigate as we are still not quite a developed country with no freeways or road signs and some roads have lots of pot holes and occasional flooding at times after heavy rain - just take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery and drive safely - you're on island time!

There are many on-island rental companies and they all offer various size 4-wheel drive cars and SUVs from the smaller Rav 4, Nissan Pajero's or even our favourite - A Nissan FJ Cruiser (which in our opinion is worth the extra money for the comfort and the fun ride!)  Prices are reasonable and they often give better rates for longer term rental (we recommend you rent for a week).

Below are some of the rental companies that you can reach out to before you arrive.  They all drop the vehicles at the airport to save you getting a taxi and you can drop the car back to the airport for your departure (surcharges apply for this) which makes the whole experience very easy.  Communicating with them is also very simple via email or calling them directly.  They also arrange a temporary driving license that covers you whilst you are in Samoa and insurance for the entire rental time. 

Don't forget we are secluded, there are no other places within walking distance, which is amazing if you want to switch off and not leave our resort.  Taxis can be arranged but are more expensive than rentals and we think its much more fun being in control of your own holiday without having to wait for 'island time' taxi bookings.

Every guest that has taken our advice and rented a car has not regretted it.  Freedom to explore the beautiful islands is priceless and worth every cent!

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