Diving & Snorkeling in Samoa


The warm clear waters of Samoa certainly invite exploration, so if you are a keen snorkeller or diver, be sure to pack your fins and mask and plan to spend a good few hours exploring beneath the surface.


Diving in Samoa offers something special for both the novice and the experienced diver.  The islands are blessed with a rich marine life and the surrounding reefs are home to some 900 fish species including anemone, rays, trevally, Napoleon, tuna, barracuda, snapper, wrasse, grouper, butterfly fish, angel fish, spadefish, giant clams, morays, turtles and reef sharks.

There are more than 200 varieties of coral, as well as various swim throughs and tunnels to explore. The warm clear waters provide excellent visibility of between 15 and 50 metres and temperatures ranging from 25° to 30°C.

For Advanced and adventurous divers, much of the reef remains unexplored and there is the potential to discover brand new dive sites in the area.


There are a few dive operators in Upolu and one in Savai'i - Links provided below.


Aqua Samoa in Apia do a great snorkel tour on a Sunday.  We are very blessed to have a great spot at the front of the resort for snorkelling.

On Upolu, two favourite dive sites are:

As you descend on this dive you generally drop into a school of barracuda. Dropping onto the plateau between 12-18 metres you feel as if you are floating in an aquarium. Hard corals and giant clams are surrounded by a variety of tropical fish, anemone, clown triggerfish, manta rays, trevally, napoleon, tuna and fusiliers often follow you around. The soft corals begin at 18 metres as you drop off the plateau to search for sharks.

The coral garden off Apolima Island begins at 8metres and drops to 40metres and is a wonderland of colour and life between 10 and 20 metres.  Drift pass the large table corals which screen lobsters and rainbow runners. Unicorn fish, turtles, Napoleon, reef sharks and blue fin trevally are a staple of this dive.

On the island of Savai'i, the wreck "Juno" is a nice, easy drive, only a 5-minute boat trip from shore. This was a 3 mast missionary sailing ship which sunk in Lelepa bay in 1881. This iron wreck is full of corals, where you can see trumpet fish, turtles and a wide variety of colourful reef fish, parrot fish, yellow snappers, big-eyes and much more. The maximum depth is 25 meters.


There are many new spots that each operator likes to keep close to their chest which is the beauty of being in a part of the world were very few have dived.  Contact operators direct for rates, packages and availability 


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