Fishing In Samoa


Samoa is recognised as one of the top game fishing spots in the world.


Samoa’s waters are an impressive paradise for anglers, and if you've ever imagined yourself reeling in a huge king of the ocean as the rod bends in your hands, Samoa is quite possibly your perfect Pacific destination.

The waters of Samoa’s surrounding reefs are a playground for masimasi, marlin, albacore, wahoo, sailfish, giant trevally, dolphin fish (mahi mahi), barracuda, dog tooth tuna and yellow-fin tuna.

Combine that with the attraction of crystal clear waters, a pace that's decidedly laidback, and some of the Pacific's most picture-perfect scenery, and you'll be hard-pressed to resist the lure.

You can join one of the professional fishing operators and charters (see below) and head to sea for a few hours, or opt for an adventurous charter to a secluded destination, which involves living on a boat for a while.

If you've not done much fishing before, experienced crew can offer lessons for beginners and will give you all the help you need to get started. For a truly authentic experience, join a local fishing trip.

A handy point of contact is the Samoa International Game Fishing Association, in Apia Harbour. The Samoan International Game Fishing Tournament takes place in April/May, drawing some of the world’s best anglers for a week of serious game fishing.

Of course, there's plenty of chance to have a crack at setting your own personal record. Marlin Alley, just beyond the reef from Apia, is a favourite hot spot for sports anglers.


There are quite a few on island operators we can recommend the following


Siinalei Resort based on the South Coast 


Troppo Fishing Adventures.






Sa'Moana Beach Bungalows

Salamumu Beach

Upolu, Samoa