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Sa'Moana Resort was originally set up a surf camp back in 1999.  For the next 15 years, we were the main surf operators in Samoa.  As we have organically changed into a more diverse adventure travel destination we no longer offer surf tours to guests.  We still have lots of surfers stay with us and many travel with their families.  Although we don't have surf guides at the hotel we still have surgers stay here - but its very much about hiring a car and going to find the surf with our hints and tips.  The best way to get around the island is in a 4 wheel drive and there are various breaks that can be reached from land and we also coordinate with Neil from Manoa Tours Samoa located about 30 minutes drive from us.  Neil surfs most days and hosts surfers from all over Upolu.  Neil leaves early and provides half day tours which mean you are normally back here by late morning so you can spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach or getting out and about to some of the other great spots in Upolu. Manoa tours do not offer transfers though so you need to make your own way to him - either with a rental vehicle as taxi's can be expensive and unlikely to pick you up at 5am! $80 WST per person. Book direct.

Maninoa Surf Camp also do surf tours by boat.  Farani is a local guide who used to work at Sa'Moana as a guide when we surfed.  Farani  can be contacted on +6857244251. From $60 WST pp - multi or group bookings may get a discount. Book direct.


The South shores of both islands can work all year round, whilst the North Shore waves are typically best November - April.  Many of the waves break directly on to the reefs, like the one at the front of Sa'Moana so we would not recommend for beginners or the feint hearted and you should also take a guide and bring your booties! More information can be found by pressing the button below.


If you are coming to surf in Samoa and are happy to just get wet whilst looking out for the perfect waves then you will go home happy as wave hunting here is half of the fun plus you don't have to share the waves with too many other surfers. 


Samoa is all about mixing your surf holiday with some other adventure activities and relaxing especially if the waves aren't happening.  We have listed lots of different activities and things to do on our site so you can plan the perfect itinerary for your Samoan getaway.


Contact Neil through his website below to pre-book boat tours and get the heads up on what is currently happening with the surf in Samoa.


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